We are not bored of drawing comic book characters We hope you don’t get bored of drawing them either, as there’s another one to follow. In this lesson, we’re going to teach how to draw with the Wasp in Marvel Comics.

Step 1
The Wasp isn’t just an awesome superhero however, she is also a female So, so here we’ll employ the same principles for drawing a female character. We will begin with the head and sketch it as an oval. Then, we draw an easy line of the spine, with the pelvis and chest over it. Legs and arms will be traced using simple lines.

Step 2
Then we draw two lines across the head. This helps us draw the features of the face of the Wasp. Then, we move to draw the neck and torso in a thin line that should be slim around the waist and widen in the hips (after all the Wasp is a female). At the same time begin to sketch out the legs and arms. Don’t try at drawing too many details, just lines.

Step 3
To make this mannequin appear more like the Wasp Let’s look at the basic aspects. Start with the head, and then outline the specifics of the face and hair. The intersecting lines drawn in the previous step will aid us with this process. Then, using smooth lines connect the various elements of the drawing, making the outline of the body more smooth. Then, outline the patterns of the costume, and draw wings to hide on the back.

Step 4
We’ll now get to drawing the specifics on the Wasp. We must be as precise as we can as we draw an image of a face, and mistakes can be disastrous. Starting with the face, draw carefully your eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, draw gently the outline of the hair and face.

Step 5
Let’s draw the body that is the Wasp. We must first slowly trace out our neck, which then moves through the shoulders and into to the torso. When drawing out your torso, take note of all the bends on the body as the artists did. Then we must draw the pattern onto the chest and eliminate those lines we do not need.

Step 6
This part of the instruction on drawing the Wasp will be quite easy. We will draw the wings and arms. After that, following the line of trapezoids, you can gently and smoothly draw the hands and arms. The Wasp’s arms shouldn’t be overly pumped however, simultaneously the muscles should be easily evident. After that, gently draw the wings while removing unnecessary strokes.

Step 7
This is a second relatively easy part of how to draw the Wasp sketching lesson. It’s simple since it is only necessary to trace the leg’s contours using straight lines that are smooth and easy to read. Then, we’ll need to remove all lines we don’t require and the drawing will be completed. There is only one thing to create the shadow.

Step 8
As we stated earlier that it’s only a matter of how the ability to draw shadows. It is possible to draw shadows like classic comics like in the tutorial on Wolverine or draw shadows with hatching, like the method we used in this tutorial. Apply hatching to the darkest areas. If you wish to create an even more solid shadow then apply a second layer of the hatching.

Another drawing lesson on the characters of the comic book is coming to an end. However, you can find a large number of lessons on superheroes and supervillains in the most diverse universes as well as comics that are the most diverse. Thus, you should go to whenever you can in order to not skip any drawing lesson.

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