Hey everyone and thank you for joining us in this drawing tutorial on drawing The Vault Dweller in Fallout! In actuality, we’ll draw a common and average main character from every single episode of the Fallout series, since in different regions, the main character is described by different names. As you can see in the previews, our character will be wearing traditional blue and yellow outfits that are inspired by vaults in Fallout.

Step 1
Then, we typically sketch out the body skeleton, which is made up of simple lines, the head, in the shape of an oval as well as the chest and pelvis and the spine and legs with the aid of lines. The lines should be drawn delicately.

Step 2
Then we can add volume (as we do every time on the second step when drawing people) by using simple forms. The neck is the first to be drawn before moving to the torso. Then, draw shoulders that are made of circles and arms using the aid of cylindrical shapes. Also, draw legs using the help of cylinders. Then draw the hands, the outlines of the gun, and the feet.

Step 3
We now outline the facial characteristics that make up the Vault Dweller. The eyes are the first to be drawn and draw them along the horizontal line of prior steps. Next, draw the nose along the line vertical drawn in the prior step, and then draw the mouth that is exactly in the middle of the nose’s tip and the line of the chin.

Step 4
Draw a hairline (as in the game you are able to choose the hairstyle you’d like). Make the jawline like in our illustration. Then draw the ears with the top edge that is in line with those eyes and their lower edges are on the same level as the tips of the nose.

Step 5
Draw in the Vault Dweller. Keep drawing the Vault Dweller. We’ll move on to the body. We begin by drawing the collar, then draw the clothing and the folds on the clothes on the body. Then, we draw the design that covers the neck and goes down.

Step 6
Draw the clothing and folds the hands, eliminating unnecessary lines. On the left forearms of our hero, We draw what is perhaps the most well-known item in the entire universe of Fallout The Pip-Boy, which is basically a wrist-powered computer. Draw carefully all the fingers that belong to the vault Dweller and also the gun (we sketched a rifle however, you are able to draw any weapon).

Step 7
Begin with the legs. Take care to draw your legs’ lines, as well as all wrinkles and seams, as we did in our illustration. Draw the shoes and include folds and folds to the legs. As we said, we created the Vault Dweller wearing the traditional costume that appears throughout Fallout however, you can obviously draw any other outfit as well as the armor.

Step 8
In the drawing, the light is reflected in the lower left-hand corner of the image We then include shadows on the lower right-hand corners of the hero’s body. Combine all of the shadows and the cast shadow with traditional hatching.

Today, we sketched the principal character from one of the most revered RPGs ever created. And In one of our earlier articles, we sketched our own unnamed hero The principal character from Gothic Another game that is legendary.

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