Hello, dear readers! Gothic is a favorite RPG game of our editors and artists. In 2001, this great game was first introduced to our hearts. The Old Camp and New Camp are ahead of us, with hordes and skeletons, swords, magic, and worst enemies, as well as sworn friends. Let’s begin the lesson on drawing the Unnamed Hero in Gothic.

Step 1
First, draw the skeleton for the Hero. Draw the head in an oval shape. Next, draw the spine, shoulders, and arms using simple lines. You should use very light lines for this step.

Step 2
Draw intersecting lines across the face. The body should be enlarged. The torso should be drawn and the pelvis. Use circles to draw the shoulders, knees, and hips. Use cylinders to draw the arms, legs, and hands. Draw the outline of the sword.

Step 3
Let’s add some general details. Draw the outline of the helmet and the raised visor. Next, draw the components of the armor using only general lines. You can also learn more about armor by visiting the lesson How to Draw an Armor.

Step 4
The lines for the helmet and the visor should be drawn. Draw the lines of your face carefully. Draw the chainmail on the side of your head.

Step 5
Draw the armor on your torso. Draw the lines and patterns for the chest.

Step 6
Remove all guides from the arms and torso. Draw the armor lines on the arms of the Unnamed Hero. As in the example, draw all rivets and plates. Draw the sword.

Step 7
The same actions can be performed with the lower body of the Unnamed Knight. This is where you will need to remove all unnecessary guidelines.

Step 8
This is a very simple and quick step. This step will show you how to draw chainmail. Cross-hatching is all you need to consider the curves.

Step 9
Our Unnamed knight in shining armor will be glare with shadows.

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