Welcome to Artists, we love you. Today we’ve created for you another drawing tutorial dedicated to drawing the most feared Green Goblin. Most often, we draw characters from classic comics, like for instance Wolverine and Venom. In this video, we’ll draw the villain that is from that Ultimate universe. Let’s get started and discover what it takes to draw the top Green Goblin.

Step 1
The process begins with a stickman, a figure composed of circles and lines. First, by drawing an oval, you can sketch out the outline of the head. Simple lines and smooth lines trace the Skeleton of the Green Goblin.

Step 2
Then draw the upper portion of the dress. The hood needs to be placed slightly over the head (it is not tight but it’s not hanging free) However, the remainder of the cape is likely to flail in the direction of the wind.

Step 3
We are continuing to work on the cloak worn by the Green Goblin and draw fabric that conceals all the details below the shoulders. Make sure that the lines must be straight and easy. In this step, draw the lines of the face and horns.

Step 4
In this step, we begin adding specifics to the Green Goblin, starting from the head. In this stage, sketch the facial characteristics. Create more creases on your hood, and draw the angry facial lines (note the demon-like pointed facial features). Notice the horns protruding out from underneath the hood. Also, check out this new photo that depicts the Green Goblin created by Mark Bagley.

Step 5
Wind blowing across the green goblin’s back from behind. By drawing curved lines, you can create folds of the cloak that is worn by The Green Goblin. The folds will create the appearance of a powerful wind.

Step 6
Draw your lines on the cloth. By using long and smooth lines, add folds to the fabric. Draw the fingers in line as in our illustration. By drawing a few short lines, you can draw the lines on your wrists.

Step 7
Eliminate the guidelines. Draw lines around them like in our example to ensure that the lines are straight and neat. Make folds on the lower portion of the cloth. By drawing short lines, you can trace the strips until the shin.

Step 8
With a dark black pencil apply dark lines to the drawing. These rough and contrasting shades are used to create a comical style of drawing. As a result, we have this Green Goblin.

It was a drawing lesson on drawing the most elusive Green Goblin. We hope that this lesson taught you to draw a green goblin. Goodbye!

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