How To Draw The Tree Of Life -

How To Draw The Tree Of Life

How To Draw The Tree Of Life

One of the most iconic symbols and concepts in the world is the tree of life. The symbolism of the tree and everything it represents is common to many religions, ideologies, and mythologies all over the globe.

It can be used to refer to life, purity, growth, or any other meaning. Each person who sees it may have a different interpretation.

It is also a beautiful and timeless design. Learning how to draw the tree can be very rewarding.

How To Draw The Tree Of Life Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw the Tree of Life.

2nd Step:

We will add a lot of detail to the branches and bark for the second part of the tree of life drawing. This will make it look more aged and weathered.

3rd Step:

This step of is the most difficult, since we will be drawing many roots underneath the tree.

4th Step:

We will try to make your tree of living drawing as complete as possible. We will add more detail to the roots and branches.

5th Step:

This tree would be looking pretty dead without a healthy head, which would negate the purpose of a tree of living.

6th Step:

This image will be often in a spherical form, so we will use colors to finish your tree-of-life drawing.

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