How to Draw The Toucan

This drawing instruction will teach you how to draw a toucan, a bird that has a unique and recognizable appearance.

Toucans, like all other exotic birds, have an interesting and varied color. You can paint a toucan in a variety of colors after you have completed the steps in the instructions.

Step 1

Begin to draw the toucan by drawing the head in a ball and the body in an oval. The oval-shaped torso should be slightly curved at the ball of the head.




Step 2

Draw a long beak using a few very long arched lines. The beak should be approximately the same size and shape as the torso.




Step 3

With a few short lines, separate the head and beak. Next, use a long, arched line to draw the split in the beak’s lower third.




Step 4

A pair of flowing, short lines connect the neck and head. Next, draw an eye shape in the shape of a circle at the top of your head. Make sure the eye is as round as you can.




Step 5

Draw the tail feathers at the top of your torso. You can check the proportionality of your toucan drawing by looking at it through a magnifying glass.




Step 6

Draw long fingers and sharp claws. You can also flip the picture upside down to verify the proportionality.




Step 7

To draw a wing almost equal in size to the torso, you should use a long, smooth line. At the same time, draw long wing feathers.




Step 8

Use an eraser to remove any unnecessary construction lines from your drawing of a toucan. You have the option of leaving the lines as is or darkening the details.




Step 9

The toucan was painted in yellow, black, blue, red, and gray colors. We should remind you that this bird is unusual because of its unusual colors. You can also paint your bird drawing using completely different colors.




We also used shadows and highlights on the body to enhance the colors. This gave the toucan more volume and made it seem more convincing.

This is how to draw a Toucan. The team hopes you enjoy the instructions in the Animals category.

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