How to Draw The Titanic

The sinking Titanic is one of the most tragic maritime disasters.

It’s probably the most well-known shipwreck because of its iconic film and many media appearances.

It was also an engineering feat at the time and one of the most beautiful vessels ever made.

How to Draw The Titanic Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw the Titanic. There will be many details that you need to draw, but don’t worry, we will do it slowly.

2nd Step:

This is the second part of your Titanic Drawing. We will create the side of the ship called the hull as well as the top section that houses the bridge and other areas.

3rd Step:

In this third section of , we will finish the outline of the vessel. This is also our guide to drawing The Titanic.

4th Step:

We have already drawn one smokestack to the ship, and will be adding three more.

5th Step:

We are almost done adding colors to your photo, but we still have some details to work out. Cables dropping from the masts will be one of our main features.

6th Step:

We will replicate the black and red color scheme of Titanic, which was what made her unique.

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