We are huge fans of comics and have created many diverse drawing tutorials for heroes and superheroes. However, most of the characters (probably except for Deadpool) tend to be too pretentious and serious which is why we particularly like Tick as a humorous and comic superhero as well as the protagonist of the popular animated series. We’ll now move on to the drawing tutorial for drawing Tick.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the Skeletal structure of the Tick. We first sketch the outline of a skull that is unusual and a spine line. Along this line, we sketch out the wide chest and the small pelvis. Next using simple lines we sketch out the legs and arms.

Step 2
Then we draw two lines that outline the face of Tick. We then outline the large neck and torso that has extremely broad shoulders and a slim waist. Then we draw caricature big arms and not less thin legs, by using simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
Let’s begin to work on the finer details on the faces of our awesome superheroes. In the beginning, we sketch out our cartoon’s eyes Tick. Then sketch the caricature’s tiny nose, with enormous teeth and mouth. Then, at the end of the drawing, draw the opening for the mask.

Step 4
In this next step, we’ll draw Tick’s head. Tick. Let’s first carefully sketch out the contours of our superhero’s enormous and large jaw. Then, sketch the outline of the head and the antenna located high up on the skull.

Step 5
Draw lines on a broad neck that are shaped into massive trapezoids. Next, draw a caricature representation of pectoral muscles that are massive. Then, draw the outline of the torso, which is significantly narrowed at the waist. Mark the lines drawn by abdominal muscles, and then erase the guidelines that are not needed.

Step 6
In the same line of trapezoids and tracing the lines of the massive deltoids that expand into arms that are no less massive. The lines are drawn by the muscles on Tick’s arms as we can see in our illustration. At the end of each step, you draw your hands and remove any unnecessary lines from the arms.

Step 7
In the same direction, following along the lines that define the back, trace out the outline of your legs. Begin to gently draw circles around the lines of the legs, taking into consideration the joints and muscles of the legs. The Tick.Then, at the end of the procedure, we eliminate any unnecessary guidelines.

Step 8
The sketch of Tick is nearly complete, and now we need to add shadows in order to make it denser and 3D. Apply shadows by using dense hatching in the darkest areas.

We’re hoping to draw an enormous amount of drawing lessons for supervillains and superheroes. be free to share your ideas for future drawing lessons in the comments section of this article or through our social networks’ pages.

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