In this drawing guide, we’ll show how to draw the members from one of the world’s most well-known families of heroes in the world that is the Fantastic Four. As you can see in this preview, we’ll draw the Thing or Ben Grimm, an incredibly adorable and adorable superhero.

Benjamin Grimm, a friend of Reed Richards since college, discovered quickly that science wasn’t the right choice for him. He figured out that once he after graduating from school, he was sent to the army, and proved himself to be a skilled pilot. These skills enabled Ben to be among the chosen to be part of the space mission in the course of which Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben were exposed to radiation of cosmic radiation, and were subsequently named known as the Fantastic Four.

Let’s start this lesson and discover what it takes to draw The Thing of The Fantastic Four!

Step 1
We’ll start with the stickman (as we have done in all of our tutorials for drawing people). First, we draw the head in the shape of a regular circle. Sketch out the body’s lines that include shoulders, necks, and spine, as well as legs and arms. Notice how the head of a Thing is larger and wider than the head of a human. In addition, his body is larger than that of a normal human. Remember, this is only necessary to establish the location of the hero’s body on the paper, which is why we should use thin lines in the first step.

Step 2
Then we can increase the volume of the Thing by drawing the portions of our body with simple geometric shapes. The first step is to outline how the body will look by drawing the outline of its body. Draw the elbows and shoulders using circles, as well as the arms using cylindrical shapes. Draw out the hands with four fingers with fists clenched. Below the torso, draw the pelvis into a form of a figure resembling the shape of a triangle.

The legs must be drawn in the same principles as the arms (using the cylinders) with the knees drawn in the same principle, in the same manner as the elbows and knees (using circular shapes).
In the same way, make a mark on the face using two perpendicular lines The vertical line serve to define the appearance of the face while the horizontal line is the place where the eyes are located.

Step 3
Utilizing the markup created in the earlier step, draw a large eyebrow that is sloppy, then just beneath them (virtually crossing) draw the shape that is the shape of your nose. A little beneath the brows, draw contours of cheekbones that appear like the letters “T”. Below the cheeks, draw a huge lower lip with a sloping line that runs across the entire face.

Step 4
Silhouettes of the Thing from Silhouette of the Thing from Fantastic Four is ready, now you are able to draw the specifics. In this lesson, we’ll draw details, as in other drawing tutorials, but in the direction of top to bottom. That is from the head up to the feet. So, now we can erase any unneeded lines off the face. Make the eye lines (two semicircles that line up with the eyebrow line) and mouth.

Step 5
Then, we will continue the drawing lessons that are devoted to drawing The Thing in The Fantastic Four. The process is simple and we will remove all lines leaving only the essential line, i.e. those that define the shape of our body. Create smooth lines as we did in our illustration.

In this section, we sketch the comics and shorts from Ben Grimm, as well as the Fantastic Four logo. We also have drawing lessons on the allies (sometimes enemies) and foes Things such as Thor, Iron Man, and Spider-Man.

Step 6
We now sketch the texture of stone on the Thing. The key thing to remember is the stones must be drawn in random order. If you attempt to make them appear identical to one another it’ll look similar to Ben Grimm made of bricks however this shouldn’t be the case. In this stage, we draw the pattern of stone on the head and part of the Thing.

Step 7
So, we’re in the final steps of the instruction on drawing the Thing. As you follow the directions from the previous step, draw the pattern of stones over the face. It is important to note that the only spot where the stones must coincide is the eyebrows of Ben Grimm.

Step 8
The same process is performed for the torso and arms that make up the Thing. The outer contours of your body visually divide the arm from the body. Importantly, those stones that are placed on your chest must be smoother and folded in order to show perspective. As we’ve said, we’re viewing Ben starting from his bottom.

Step 9
The pattern is drawn that is on the legs. At the top, the stones are to be slightly bent so that they convey perspective. Another crucial aspect is that when you are nearer to the bottom, stones get smaller.

Step 10
As the final step similar to other tutorials on drawing, we will add shadows. As in other drawing tutorials, devoted to comics, here the shadows are drawn using comics style.

Draw the darkest areas of shadows and draw the belt of the shorts. Then employing classic comics’ hatching techniques, create shadows for the torso, head, and limbs. As you can see, illumination comes from the top. So we apply shadows to the lower edges of the body.

It was an extremely challenging tutorial. We would like to see everyone succeed. Visit our website to find out more information about drawing the Fantastic Four. Make sure to check for us on Facebook!

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