How To Draw The Tardis Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.


Draw a 3D rectangular, and then delete the top square

Step 2
Inside the rectangle create smaller rectangles across both edges. Above the smaller rectangles draw a long, thin rectangle. And on the top you can draw a rectangle smaller and a little slimmer. Draw a line through to the mid-point of the smaller rectangle. When you’re finished drawing small curving lines along lower points of your rectangle and join them by an straight line.

Step 3
Draw a line across in the center of your smaller rectangle to the left side. From the two rectangles you have made, make one that is just a little smaller than the other two rectangles. Once you have done that you’ll draw 4 cells on the opposite edge of your rectangle, on the left side. The top of the opposite side must be slightly lower than the other. Draw a third rectangle over the form. On the top of the shape that you’ve created In center of the box row to the right side, draw a light. This lamp will be a cylinder that has two cones on top. It is an oval shape with an horizontal line running through the middle.

Step 4
In this step , you’ll draw handles for the doors to the right. Draw a circular shape that is slightly lower than the left handle. Draw boxes that are to the right of the shape. Again the top box is slightly bigger. For boxes that are slightly bigger you’ll outline the box and then divide it into six equal parts, to form windows. Above the window, you’ll put the word POLICE BOX in bubble letters. Within the center of POLICE BOX and POLICE letters are the word PUBLIC CALLS. The box that is below the window on from the left side, mark two vertical lines that split the box into three parts. The middle part must be the biggest.

Step 5
This section is focused solely on the box that you constructed in step 4. Inside the center box type “POLICE PHONE” “FREE” “FOR Usage” “Public” (if there is a chance that you are able to fit it in the part) ) “CONSULTATION and SUPPORT” “MAY immediately “EMPLOYEE AND VEHICLE” “ANSWER all messages” (write the remainder) “Pull TO OPEN”

Step 6
This process concentrates on shadows on the left side. The bottom center line needs to be darkened, while the upper-right conners of each small box should be dark. There must be bright spots within the smaller boxes. The horizontal parts that are between the smaller box will appear dark however, not quite as much as other side. Shade the vertical spaces in the spaces between the smaller boxes. Darken the area around the part that reads “POLICE BOXES. The 2 boxes that are located at the top of the image should be dark on the sides, and lit in the middle. Place the door on just to the left side of the TARDIS and under the box is a BOX POSITION BOX located on the left side.

Step 7
Then you can add the shadow to the left side. The box you have chosen to darken says POLICE BOX. Darken the top left corner of the TARDIS top box. Darken the top and left sides of the doors’ boxes. Also, darken the bars on the bottom and sides. The light at one side of the TARDIS appear to be a rounded shape.

Step 8
You can also get an TARDIS. You are welcome to comment However, don’t negative. …. It’s my very first lesson.

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