How To Draw The Taj Mahal Step by Step -

How To Draw The Taj Mahal Step by Step

How To Draw The Taj Mahal Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows


Step 1

A few basic shapes to sketch the lines that guide the towers and the building and the river in front.

Step 2
Then, follow the directions you learned in the first step and construct around the outline of the whole structure. The shape of the roofs as a Hershey’s Kiss chocolate.

Step 3
Create structural details like cones within the structure. You can also complete the other towers on the structure. Draw the walking sides along the water.

Step 4
Then , you can draw additional specifics of the structure like doors and windows. Then you will draw the design on the roof’s top. The area with the design of the garden that is in the front of Taj Mahal. Because this isn’t the most important aspect in the sketch, you could only draw a few trees in simple forms.

Step 5
Not to be left out the toy can draw the calligraphy of the pishtaq, as well as the descriptions of the building. Since it’s so distant, we only must draw the most important elements of the structure. There is no need to look deep into the smallest particulars.

Step 6
We’ve done it! You now have a fantastic sketch of the famous Taj Mahal in India.

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