Today, we’ll teach how to show ways to draw Swamp Thing from DC Comics Universe. The Swamp Thing isn’t the most well-known Comic book hero, however, we hope that the fans of this DS Universe will like this drawing instruction.

Step 1
The drawing lesson by drawing the stickman. First, we draw the head as a shape that is a regular circle. Following that, we should trace the outline of your body, including the neck shoulders, back as well as legs, arms and. The body and head in The Swamp Thing are a little larger and wider than a normal human’s body and head. Yet our hero’s size is the same size that the taller man. We are referring to the shoulders should be larger than the pelvis, and that the size should be equivalent to the lengths of the 8 heads.

This step is only necessary to mark the exact position that the character is on the sheet of paper, therefore it is necessary to use light lines in the initial step.

Step 2
In this stage, we’ll make a silhouette of our character. Draw round balls on shoulders and then connect them by connecting them to a head, with a pair of lines (you likely already knew that we meant neck). The shoulders should be roughly the same size as the head.

The next step is sketching the arms. they are represented with circular figures. Draw out the hand silhouettes. By drawing a semi-circle, draw the torso that narrows towards the waist. Then, at the end of the process, trace the contours of the legs.

Step 3
Now is the now time for drawing the specifics. First, draw small, frowning eyes using straight eyebrows. Below, draw the mouth. It is evident that, our hero doesn’t have the appearance of a nose. This is an interesting aspect. Make use of the intersecting lines created in earlier steps to sketch the features on the facial features.

Step 4
Moving on to the body. There are a lot of lines along the upper torso. We suggest drawing big areas first, like leaves on the pectoral muscle to the left. muscle. Then, draw lines on the neck and stomach.

Following this, you can erase all guidelines that are not needed in the first step.

Step 5
Then, let’s trace the arms of Swamp Thing. In continuation of the shoulder lines, it is important to draw precisely broad deltoids. Then the outline of triceps and biceps flow smoothly into the forearms. Then draw the hands by focusing on all the fingers. Next, draw the stems and leaves. If you’re having problems with your fists and palms (it’s the most difficult part of this guide) make sure to go through the following article.

Step 6
If the top of the character is done, you can draw his lower portion. The first step is to draw long hair that is in forward of your hips. With the aid of long, clear, and straight lines, we trace the outline of the leg muscles as well as hair that is wavy in the legs. At the same time, we draw the outline for the foot.

Step 7
We are now on the final step of the drawing course on drawing The Swamp Thing from DC. We will need to draw very subtle shadows on the Swamp Thing’s outfit. The best method is to use the classic hatching to accomplish this.

It was quite difficult to do, but we did get an excellent sketch from the Swamp Thing. If you liked this drawing tutorial, please do not forget to join our social media channels and also share this drawing tutorial.


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