How to draw the Surprise Rocker LOL Doll -

How to draw the Surprise Rocker LOL Doll

How to draw the Surprise Rocker LOL Doll

How to draw the Surprise Rocker LOL Doll

Step 1:

Begin by drawing the shape of the doll’s head, which is a large U. Once you are satisfied with the shape of the doll’s face, draw the hairline.

Step 2:

Next, start by drawing the hairstyle starting with the shaved end. Next, draw the rest. Make sure to include the ear.

Step 3:

You can add some detail to the ear, and then you can add strand waves to your hair.

Step 4:

Next, work on the LOL Rocker Doll’s face. Start with the large circular shaped eyes. Next, color in the pupils. Then draw thick lashes. Only one eyebrow is visible so make sure you color it in. Next, draw her nose and mouth.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to draw your body. Begin by drawing the jacket’s lapels. Next, draw the boxy shape of the undershirt/torso.

Step 6:

The letters AB, lighting bolt and CD will be drawn on the front.

Step 7:

The shirt should be tied around her waist. This explains why the sleeves are hanging in front of her.

Step 8:

Draw the sleeves and draw the arms.

Step 9:

Draw LOL Doll’s legs in a cute pose or stance. Once that’s done, you can add the decorations to her shorts.

Step 10:

Almost done people. Draw your boots and your feet.

Step 11:

You can add laces to her boots, and then you can erase any mistakes.

Step 12:

Once you are done, your drawing should look something like this. To bring your drawing to life, add some color.

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