Hello! This week we will draw the one of most well-known characters on the planet or, more specifically, his logo. On our site, you have a drawing tutorial on drawing Superman as well as drawing his logo as well as drawing the Batman Logo, and the Green Lantern logo. Let’s find out what to draw in how to draw the Superman Logo!

Step 1
First, draw pentagon in the design that resembles the classic diamond. Utilize a ruler for better precision. In general, it would be cooler to have drawn it in your own hand.

Step 2
Now, the pentagon with the shape of a diamond is drawn. Draw the same shape but with smaller sizes within the first. The lines of these two figures must be parallel to one other.

Step 3
The frame for the logo of Superman is complete Now we begin drawing the letter S>>. The first step is to draw the following line:

Step 4
Then draw the backline of the letter S>>:

Step 5
Remove the unnecessary lines and make a clear logo as in the illustration below.

It was a drawing class on drawing an image of the Superman logo through We’re waiting for you on our site. Goodbye!


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