How to Draw the Sugarplum Fairy

How to Draw the Sugarplum Fairy

Step one:

Create three shapes. One to represent the head and another for the torso, and another to form the lower body or skirt form.

Step two:

Begin drawing out the outline of the head and face in this manner, then proceed to the third step.

Step three:

Then draw in her big, bright eyes in the same way as that you draw her gaze towards the side. Draw some lashes and then the eyebrows. Also, you will draw the lips and move to.

Step four:

Let’s start with the body. Draw the neck, and then sketch the shoulder area, the arm and the upper torso. Then, add the lining to the dress, and then finish the waist with details.

Step five:

The sketch will show the design and style for her head. As you can see it is her hairstyle. I chose to stick with the typical straight look but you can pick whatever. Put a bow to the back of her head, which is adorned with a tiny wreath.

Step six:

Then, draw the remainder of the dress into the shape of a split plum style dress. The plum’s leaf fruit should be placed at the waistline’s base.

Step seven:

Draw her legs in and mark the legs to create the shape of her boots.

Step eight:

The only thing you need to do is draw one of the wings that are large. It’s an easy-to-draw wing that has a an angled tail end.

Step nine:

Draw the other wing exactly the same way as you did the previous wing, and then try to ensure they are identical in design and shape.

Step ten:

The final step is to outline the wings by drawing lines of ribs. Remove any mistakes and you’re completed.

Step eleven:

Here’s what your Sugarplum fairy will look after you’re done. Bravo to everyone who participated and I hope everyone enjoyed yourselves.

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