How to Draw the Statue of Liberty

In this tutorial, the team at will teach you how to draw an image of the Statue of Liberty – one of the emblems in the USA. This statue was the first thing that many immigrants encountered on their way toward freedom. This is a crucial instruction for the staff of We are delighted to offer this tutorial on drawing how to draw the Statue of Liberty.


Step 1

Therefore, depicting sculptures isn’t any more difficult than portraying a human. Let’s start by illustrating the skeleton. Draw the head, chest, and pelvis in the shape of ovals. are connected by an easy line. In the same lines, you can depict the limbs with a typical pose.




Step 2

Like a normal person, draw 2 lines across your head to help depict your face. facial features. Utilizing geometric shapes in the form of cylindrical figures illustrate your arms as illustrated in the illustration by the artists on Use balls to show the joints. Draw hands on the same stage.




Step 3

With a few lines, draw the clothing (the so-called”chiton”). In the first sketch, draw a stone tablet that has an inscription that consists of the English alphabet as well as Roman numerals.




Step 4

At this point, we’ll add more details. In contrast to traditional guidelines that begin with the head, but rather with the hands. Create simple creases for the fingers. In the left hand, draw the torch that is held in the air above your head. Make the plate appear three-dimensional. appearance.




Step 5

Let’s look at the details that make up the skull. Begin by drawing your eyes drawing them controlled by the wrinkles that we made in the previous stage. After that employing similar lines draw how to draw the nostrils as well as the mouth. Then, draw hair in the illustration by the artists at




Step 6

This stage is simple yet complicated at the same. This is where we’ll show an elongated crown that consists of seven rays and a base. The first step is to draw the semicircular base, and then the rays that diverge.




Step 7

Let’s move on to the clothing that we’ll depict slowly. With smooth and elegant lines, draw the right sleeve, as well as part of the chiton which covers the right part of the sculpture.




Step 8

Utilizing a huge amount of winding lines and straight lines, draw the lower section of the chiton like the drawing drawn by the artists from Be careful not to miss a step with the details or their place of placement. If everything went as planned then the Statue of Liberty drawing will appear like this.




Step 9

We previously sketched the additional lines to help us sketch our Statue of Liberty. However, we now have to eliminate these lines. Make use of an eraser and make use of it to clean the lines and then trace the necessary lines using ink or dark pencil.




Step 10

Let’s improve this Statue of Liberty’s drawing to stunning and precise, which is why we’ll add some lines. Utilizing them, draw the folds of the sleeves as well as the bottom of the chiton.




Step 11

In this step of the instructions on drawing an image of the Statue of Liberty, we will draw the last specifics. First, draw the crown’s holes. Then draw a clearly visible foot and a bit of clothing on top.




Step 12

So, we’ve nearly completed the tutorial on drawing the Statue of Liberty. Include the lines you need If required. If you’ve done everything according to what the team of suggested, your sketch will appear like this.




Step 13

It is now the moment for painting the Statue of Liberty. At first, the statue was made of bronze. However, because of chemical reactions, it was transformed into a distinctive green-turquoise shade. Thus you can, using the colors above paint this magnificent statue as shown in the illustration by the artists of below.

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The team at believes that it is among the most impressive sculptures ever created We are satisfied to have developed the instructions for drawing the Statue of Liberty.

The team at is extremely keen to hear your feedback and we’d like to hear from you in the comments section of this guide. We have read all your comments and replied to the majority of them.

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