How to draw The Powerpuff Girls Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Drums Step by Step

Step 1

Let’s begin the first step by drawing out three circles to mark their ends. Then, add guides to the face. Then, draw the chi lines of legs and arms, and designs of their feet. Continue towards the following step and see what’s to come next.

Step 2
You can tell that it is going to be an easy lesson to master. It is important to draw lines and shapes to their eyes before line their hairstyles in the manner illustrated. After you’ve finished, you’re able to begin shaping the legs and arms of your child.

Step 3
You’re already in the third step. I promised you that this tutorial would be simple. What you have to do in this step is to finish the frilly hairstyle and then put smiles on the faces of each. After that, you’ll shape the legs and arms of your children and then make two ears similar to the bow shape of Blossom.

Step 4
So, you’re about begin making the eyeballs inside their eyes. One layer to cover the pupil, and the other layer that covers eyes themselves. After that, you’ll be able to apply bangs to Blossom or Buttercup. Draw lines that define their shoes and clothes, and then proceed for the following step.

Step 5
Do you like it about the journey so far? Easy, isn’t it? I’m sure. Let’s wrap up this final drawing stage using a liner their eyes as shown below. After that, you will begin to erase all the shapes and guides that you sketched in the first step.

Step 6
After you’ve shaded all areas of black Your girls should begin like the ones you see below. All you need to do now is to color them in pink, green and blue shades. I hope you have fun drawing The Powerpuff Girls step by step.

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