In this drawing lesson, we’ll show the user ways to draw Phantom in Phantom 2040. We like this character due to the fact that it has an extremely old-fashioned appearance.

Step 1
There is the first step and it starts by drawing the stickman for our character. Draw the head in the shape in the shape of an oval. Then, draw the thorax, the spine, and the pelvis. It is clear that the thorax and pelvis are normal circular figures. Draw simple lines to draw legs and arms. Be aware that all lines drawn in this step must be drawn by pressing lightly on the pencil.

Step 2
The next step is to add the volume of our awesome hero. First, we will trace those lines that define facial symmetry. Draw the neck and torso in a line that narrows down to the pelvis. Following that, draw strong arms using geometric forms. Then, we’ll go a little lower and draw out your pelvis as well as your legs.

Step 3
It’s time to create an outline of the mask. It is not necessary to draw any details in this step, we just draw the contours of our mask. It is easier in drawing this stage if you employ cross-face lines to guidelines. In the same way, you draw the contours of the costume, as well as the firearm in the hands.

Step 4
In this stage, we’ll draw the face with great fine detail. Draw out the eyes, hidden behind the mask, nose, and mouth. We always say that beginning with this step, it is important to draw very dark lines.

Step 5
Draw parts of the Phantom by using clear and thick lines. Draw lines that represent the thorax as well as abdominal muscles. You will see the pectoral muscles as well as the rib’s contours and the rectus abdomens muscle. Following all exercises, do not forget to eliminate all unneeded lines on your chest and the body.

Step 6
In this exercise, we’ll make the muscles of the forearms. The first step is to draw the deltoid muscles. Next, draw the triceps, biceps, and the muscles of the forearms. Make sure to draw the gun with your hands. If you’re having difficulty drawing your palm, it is recommended to take a look at the following article.

Step 7
Before beginning to draw, you must erase any remaining guidelines and draw the outline of the pants as well as specifics of the clothing on the lower part of your body. When drawing the legs, don’t forget to consider the shape of the leg muscles underneath the clothing. Incorporate all folds and seams like in our illustration.

Step 8
This is a simple task. We will paint a few parts of the body as illustrated in the image and include shadows. To create shadows, and to paint over the costumes using contrast lines and black. To create more light shadows, you can use dense hatching.

It was quite a difficult drawing lesson, but we came up with a great outcome. If you enjoy our work, don’t forget to sign up for us on social media and also share this drawing tutorial.

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