How to Draw the New York Yankees Logo Step by Step

The simple step-by step drawing guide below.

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Step 1

This will be a simple and easy guide. The first thing you need to draw is the letter capital “Y” as shown. What you need to do is draw a curved “N” on the left and right sides of the letter.

Step 2

Now , as you can see this step is straightforward. What you need do is begin expanding your “Y” and “N” and ensure that the middle of the bottom is flared as shown in this picture.

Step 3

This is the final drawing stage and what you’ll do is thickening letters “Y” and “N” letters until they look similar to what you see. The letters’ ends will appear like they are slightly rounded around the entire.

Step 4

The image will be like once you’re finished. If you’d prefer your logo to appear white, then surround it with a navy or blue stripe. In any case it will look attractive. This is the lesson you just finished on drawing your New York Yankees logo step by step.

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