Hello! Today, we’ll illustrate our character, the Multiple Man. You may have heard that the Multiple Man is a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He is also recognized as one of his most loyal and dedicated assistants of Magneto. The most powerful power of our heroes is the development of his Clone. Each clone is an individual, capable to take decisions and thinking critically. In order to create a replica you only need to make a snap or tap his foot.

Step 1
The first step is to it is drawing the image of the stickman, one made from circles and sticks. We draw him to indicate the main proportions and pose. With light lines, sketch the stickman. You can find out the article here (step 1.) about the guidelines for drawing a stickman of a male.

Step 2
Let’s draw outlines of crossing lines on the forehead area. These lines will assist us to sketch the specifics that make up the head. We then mark the neck as a form of a cylinder and also outline the shape of our body. It is important to note that the body should be broad at the shoulders and taper towards the lower waist (If we draw a figure with an athletic physique). Following that by using simple geometric lines draw out the legs and arms.

Step 3
We will then begin to detail. Starting at this point use only darker lines. You can apply a more powerful pressing on the pencil, or you can use an ink liner or liner. Draw the outline of the face’s features and the helmet which is a cover for the top, side, and lower parts of the facial.

Step 4
Moving on into the body. As you continue to draw necklines, draw a trapezoid muscular. Just below, draw lines for clavicles as well as the pectoral muscles are large. Drawing large back muscles and abdominal muscles.

Step 5
Now, we can move into the arms and arms of Multiple Man. Like in the previous step using dark and contrast lines, draw the arm contours and take into consideration the curves of the clothing. Then draw hands (if you’d like to know more about this process, check out the article on drawing hand drawings).

Step 6
We are left to draw just the lower portion of the superhero. The removal of lines that are unnecessary from the legs slowly draws out all muscles and lines. Draw the specifics of the costume as well as the folds that are required.

Step 7
We’ve completed our model of the character. This is the stage where we’ll draw the patterns for the suit.

Step 8
Let’s apply some shadows in order to create a character that looks more real. By using dense shading, draw the shadows on the neck’s anterior area as well as the internal areas of the hands and within the knee joints.

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