How To Draw The Mexican Flag

Mexico is one the most diverse and vibrant countries in the world. It has a rich culture, beautiful natural beauty, and delicious food.

The Mexican flag is also striking with its bright red-green color scheme and eagle crest at the center.

Although most people have seen the flag before, it can be difficult to draw the Mexican flag. If the flag is flapping in wind, this can make it difficult.

Don’t worry, this guide will help you navigate this daunting task.

This guide will walk you through how to draw the Mexican flag.

How To Draw The Mexican Flag Step-By-Step

1st Step:

While it would be simple to draw a rectangle to outline the Mexican flag as you learn how to do so, we will be going one step further with this guide!

The flag will flow in the wind, which can make it more difficult but will make it more dynamic.

Begin by drawing a slight curved vertical line to the flag’s left-hand edge. Next, draw two short curve lines at the flag’s top.

Next, draw a long curve line at the bottom connecting to another one. These lines will be connected with curvy vertical lines.

A wavy line will also make the line at the base extend a little further. Although this may sound confusing, it will be easier to understand if you carefully refer to the reference image while you draw.

2nd Step:

You will finish the outline of the Mexican flag in this part. We will continue to add more of the wavy rectangle vertical shapes you have been using in this guide.

We will add three of these shapes to this part. The third will be smaller and more rounded than others.

Once you’ve replicated the shapes from the reference image, it is time to start drawing the details on the flag.

3rd Step:

We will be drawing the three sections of the flag that we are using.

It would seem simple to draw two vertical lines on the flag, but we will take the fact that the fabric flows into our drawing.

With this in mind, and referring to the reference image, you will draw some vertical curves onto the flag, curving these to fit the fabric’s flow.

It can be confusing so make sure you carefully follow the reference image to see how it looks.

4th Step:

The crest at the center of the Mexican flag is one of its distinguishing features. The crest consists of a wreath and an eagle above it.

This is the wreath portion of your Mexican flag design. Draw small, pointed shapes that form a curve to create the leaves for this wreath.

Once you’ve drawn the wreath, you can move on to the next step.

5th Step:

The symbol of the Mexican flag can be completed in the step. Refer to our guide for drawing your Mexican flag.

We have already mentioned that the symbol is a wreath with an Eagle above it. In this fifth step we will draw the Eagle.

The eagle is facing to the left. It has a somewhat stylized design. You may need to magnify the reference image in order to draw it.

After you’ve drawn the eagle you can now add color to it!

You could also draw your own details before you move on. You mentioned that Mexico has many famous aspects, so maybe you could create a background that highlights some of them!

This is only one example of the many options you have. How will you complete this drawing with your final touches?

6th Step:

You will finish this Mexican flag drawing with amazing colors.

The Mexican flag is composed of red and green with white at the center.

You can make even the white section more dynamic by adding grey to it.

You have a lot of creative options when it comes to the art mediums and colors you choose. Have fun and see what happens.

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