Did you know of such a character like the Mekon? We didn’t know that, but now we do. We’ve studied everything that is related to the Mekon and are now able to teach our readers ways to draw Mekon.

Step 1
We begin by sketching out a massive head that resembles an upside-down egg. Following that, is drawn a line that outlines the spine as well as legs, arms, and the spine. Keep in mind that during the initial steps, it is important not to push the pencil too hard so that it will be simple to erase the lines.

Step 2
Then we draw the vertical line which is the central part of the face. We also sketch that horizontal line with the aid of which we sketch out the eyes. After that, we draw the outline of the arms, torso, and legs with simple geometric designs.

Step 3
Then, we outline this Mekon “dummy”, and then we’ll introduce some fundamental specifics. The first step is to sketch out the eyes and eyebrows by using the horizontal lines from earlier steps. Then, draw the mouth and nose. Following that we draw the outline of the T-shirt, as well as the item where he sits.

Step 4
Let’s begin to work on the final specifics that make up the Mekon. With the aid of the dark and clear lines, slowly trace the outline of the head’s massive shape. Next, draw the outline of the face. Step 5
Move down and slowly trace the outline that is drawn on both the T-shirt and the arms that are part of Mekon. At the same time make sure you draw all folds on the T-shirt as illustrated in our example. Get rid of any guidelines that are not needed and then proceed to draw the legs.

Step 6
Be sure to circle the outline of the legs and the levitating chair on which he is sitting. After the sixth step, we take off all lines and strokes drawn by us during the previous three steps.

This isn’t the most well-known character from comic books, and there is no one who will take this drawing lesson besides those who wrote and drew this particular article. If you are reading this article, you should send us your thoughts as well as your criticisms of this and other lessons in drawing.


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