In this drawing tutorial, we’ll teach our readers how you can draw the Mandalorian Helmet. The character has become extremely famous since the debut episode of the series of the charismatic and savvy mercenary of Star Wars. Star Wars universe.


Step 1

Then we sketch out our helmet’s contours. The helmet is a rounded oval shape that is slightly downwards. It resembles Superman’s facial shape.



Step 2

Then we draw an arc on a helmet that is well-known to all Star Wars fans. The horizontal section that is drawn narrows the vertical direction. The vertical portion is free of bends.


Step 3

Include headphones and a large band, which is situated on the forehead. The band should not be connected directly to the horizontal lines created from the previous step.


Step 4

The next step is to draw two angles that join the headphones to the sides from the strip we traced in the previous step. It is very similar to the lateral sides of the helmets of Ancient Greek warriors.


Step 5

Then we draw two curving lines that begin from the headphone and then with a gentle bend, proceed to the lower section of your helmet. The lines must be drawn at slightly obtuse angles as we did in the previous step.


Step 6

Two more straight lines on the sides of our helmet. The vertical lines must not be higher than the mid-level curving lines.


Step 7

The next step will be to place two tiny squares to the headphone circuits, on each side. It is also important to draw a thin vertical strip within the strip of the forehead that we created in three steps.


Step 8

Remove any lines that are not needed around the helmet. In our instance, there are a number of additional guides are located within the lower portion which is the Mandalorian’s helmet. We examine the shape of the helmet, as well as the accuracy of each component. If there is no error it is safe to proceed into the following step.


Step 9

We employ a light sweeping single-layer pattern for the appearance of shadows. The shading will be darker in the lower areas that in the headphone. In this guide, we will not be using cross-hatching.


Step 10

It’s possible to get something like this:

It was a drawing class about How to Draw the Mandalorian Helmet. We wish you the best outcome. Don’t forget to check our website for fresh drawing classes!

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