How To Draw The Mad Hatter Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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The first step in this Mad Hatter tutorial, we’ll begin with the dress that he named after his famous hood.

Additionally, the portrait we’ll be creating during this course will take upon how he appeared in the iconic Disney animated film.

First, create an unwavy line as the brim’s base of the hat. Try to duplicate the line as closely to the way it appears in the image reference as you can. Add a slightly curly rectangle over the edge.

Then, sketch the top part of the hat. The form will be drawn with an entirely different curve. it will be smaller near the bottom and slightly wider towards the top.

After you’ve drawn your hat, it’s time to proceed to the next step of the guide.

Step 2: Now draw his hair and face.

The hat is done and now you can paint his face, hair and face of you Mad Hatter drawings in the second step.

Begin by drawing two circles in close proximity to each other. Add dots to each and keep his eyes in check.

Then , you can draw eyebrow designs above your eyes. Then, use an extensive circular line to create your bulbous nose.

Add his smiling mouth beneath his nose. Draw some squares to represent the crooked teeth.

Then, sketch your outline around his ears and face then finish with some sharp curves to represent the hair that is sticking out under his hat. The head will be finished and we’ll move on to step 3.

Step 3. Draw his bow and jacket

The next step is to draw his coat and tie in the final stage to complete our Mad Hatter tutorial.

Begin making a circular outline under his head to form a bow tie, then draw edges onto the circle. Then , we’ll use some curving lines for drawing the collars of the coat beneath the head.

The left hand will be extended as the arm is placed behind him. Complete by drawing the lower part of his jacket and shirt, and move on towards the following step.

Step 4 – Then draw his legs, and shoes

The next stage of the Mad Hatter drawing will see you add shoes and legs to your Mad Hatter’s character.

The character’s legs are quite small, so we’re going make his legs shorter to give him the appearance. The legs will be drawn with the lines curlier so that they’re closer to one another.

Then, you can complete the process by putting your shoes on top of his pants. As illustrated in the image reference the shoes will be placed in a way that they face towards the outside.

After the parts have been drawn, we’ll finalize the strokes and details during the final step.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Mad Hatter Drawing

Now , you’re all set to finish the portrait with this section of our drawing Mad Hatter tutorial!

In this process the final thing we’ll include is his hand hanging out of the arm of the coat.

This hand will face upwards, however you could also draw a teacup , or some other object for him to hold! It is then possible to add some spikes on the hair of your child to make it appear more natural.

Before proceeding to the next step, make sure you add any additional ideas or elements you’d like to add to your drawing! Do you have some funny characters or settings you could draw alongside the character?

Step 6 – Complete the Mad Hatter drawing with color

The final stage of the Mad Hatter drawing will be to complete it with some color. In our image of reference we have chosen the color that the character is in in the film.

We used a bit of green in his hat as well as clothes, and juxtaposed with beige on his jacket.

This image of a reference can be used as a reference in order to keep the colors of your monitor accurate However, you may also utilize your own colors for an individual look!

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