How To Draw The Last Supper

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Black Unicorn

Step 1

The first thing to complete prior to sketching the vertical forms is trace the horizontal line which forms the long rectangular table. Then, add the fabric that hangs off the sides. Once you’ve finished then you can begin sketching the 13 shapes with the left side. Some people have arms exposed which you must also sketch. Then draw 13 heads, and ensure that they are exactly the same size.

Step 2
The next step is to begin by zooming in on each step, so that you are able to clearly understand all the definitions as well as particulars that you’ll be required to draw. Once you’ve scaled the step down, you’ll discover that you’ll have to begin sketching the first shoulders and face as well as the hairstyle for all the men that you’ve seen in this photo. The men with beards are all bearded except for one and the one without a beard was John. Make sure to use motion sketches throughout the course as there’s plenty of detail and definition in each form. Jesus is at the middle of the picture, and like all the others Jesus is confined to his shoulders, the form that his face has, as well as hair drawn back.

Step 3
Start on the left begin sketching five clothes or robes they’re wearing. Include all the crimping details, along with the hands, arms and fills on the faces. Draw the nose, eyes and mouths of nearly all the men in the picture. I’ve no face guide for people because the features are all small in the size. The fabric appears worn and loose and some collars even have brooches that are attached.

Step 4
Then, draw the hands, arms and cloth of the rest of the group, including Jesus and the other disciples of Jesus. Apply the same approach that you used on the previous man that you sketched after which, when you’re finished draw some details and strokes like you can see in this. There are also some pieces of countertop you can draw on.

Step 5
This is the final drawing step, so you should be happy that you’ve come this far. Now, you’ll begin to sketch the hairstyles of the chosen men and define their clothes. also. Sketch out the exact design of the table. As you can see, there’s an entire tablecloth to outline prior to sketching the plates, cups and food items. Once you have your table completed it is time to sketch glasses laden with wine as well as plates filled with fingerlings and other fish. Be sure to erase all guide lines and the shapes you sketched in the first step.

Step 6
After you’re done the sketch will look similar to the sketch you’ve seen here. After you’ve cleaned it up you’ll be able to color it or keep it as a sketch. It’s definitely something you can begin just a few days prior to Easter and give to someone you love as a present. When Jesus was raised from the dead It was a sacred holiday that was celebrated throughout time.

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