As we’ve said over and over We love Lamborghini as well as the other cars from this awesome automobile company. We draw a variety of designs that belong to Lamborghini and our readers requested us to design an educational lesson on the company’s logo that features the fierce bull. Let’s begin the lesson on drawing your own Lamborghini emblem.


Step 1

Then, draw the outline of the logo which appears like an eagle. Draw out the outer lines of the logo, and then draw the inner lines which are identified as the contours of the outside. It is essential to ensure that it is accurate as it can be. For a quick check examine it in the mirror.



Step 2

In the upper area draw two slightly curly lines that will allow us to write the word “Lamborghini”“. Then, sketch an outline for the bull like in our illustration. The bull’s outline isn’t required to be perfect at this stage. We will just sketch out the body’s main parts and where they are within the symbol.


Step 3

Utilizing two lines that curve from the previous step and draw your letters for the Lamborghini logo. To examine the proportions and the uniformity that the words are drawn, observe them with a mirror, or turn your drawing around 180°. Move to the ball and draw the outline of the eyes, horns hooves, nose, and horns like in our example.


Step 4

With clear and dark lines, trace the outline of logos, letters as well as the bull. Include all the essential details like the tail’s tuft and the spine lines, and the muscles at the side of the beast. Utilizing an eraser, erase all construction lines that are not needed out of the Lamborghini logo. The lines of this drawing should be crisp and clear.


Step 5

Let’s add some volume to The Lamborghini symbol. By using drawing hatching lines, you can draw shadows over the bull as well as the edges of the sign. After you’ve finished your drawing, you’ll be able to trace it using liner or ink and then paint it using shades of the Lamborghini logo, which is, gold and black.


This was an instruction on what to draw for an image of the Lamborghini symbol. As you can see, we draw more than just cars, however, but logos for companies that manufacture cars. This is our first logo and in the near future logos of the most famous car brands will appear on So make sure to check back frequently under our “Cars” category on our website to ensure that you won’t be left out of a single lesson about this subject.

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