Hello dear artists. In our previous drawing lessons, we showed the students the art of drawing the Kumicho a female werewolf that has nine tails. In today’s drawing lesson we’ll teach you about the most bizarre mythological monster. So, let’s begin our lesson on drawing an Ittan-momen.

Step 1
As you may have guessed that the Ittan-momen is a beast that looks like a piece of fabric. Begin by drawing a long and well-curved line.

Step 2
Let’s draw a second line to connect them. If you’ve done it right you’ll end up with an extensive piece of cloth.

Step 3
Let’s now transform the fabric to look like a creature. Add eyes to make the fabric shabby and torn.

We think it is perhaps the most bizarre creature of all. If you are of a different view you can submit your thoughts in the comments of this article.


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