Greetings dear readers! We are pleased to welcome you to 3dvkarts. Here, we have prepared a drawing tutorial on how the Human Torch is drawn. Along with Mr. Fantastic, the Thing is also a member of The Fantasy Four of the Marvel Universe.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the skeleton for our Johnny Storm. Let’s begin with the head. Draw it in an oval shape. Next, draw a neck that runs into the spine. Next, draw the pelvis and chest. Then, draw simple lines to trace the arms and legs at the end.

Step 2
Let’s give flesh and muscles to our fiery hero. Let’s add muscles and flesh to our fiery heroes, but first, we need to draw lines of symmetry for the face. Next, draw the torso. It narrows to the pelvis. As in the example, draw your arms, legs, and feet.

Step 3
Next, we will draw the facial features of our Human Torch. It’s simple enough: first, draw the eyes that lie on the vertical line drawn in the previous step. Next, draw the nose and mouth. You can learn more by visiting the lesson How to Draw a Man.

Step 4
Continue the lesson on drawing the Human Torch. Next, draw the neck. Then go down and draw large pectoral muscles. We descend further to draw the abdominals.

Step 5
Draw the muscles of your arms carefully. Draw the rounded deltoids and triceps, then draw the biceps and triceps. We will then descend to draw the muscles for the fists and forearms.

Step 6
Now, we will draw the bottom portion of our Human Torch. This is exactly the same as with the arms. Now we will draw the bottom portion of our Human Torch. This will be exactly the same as with the arms. Draw out the lines for legs and muscles, then erase any unnecessary guidelines.

Step 7
It could be a Silver Surfer or just a dummy with fire-flaming tongues. Our Human Torch is lit by a fire created using uneven lines and torn lines.

Step 8
As in the example, you can add texture to the body by using short strokes. This is done to demonstrate that our character shines and burns. You will be awarded the Human Torch if you do everything right.

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