In response to the requests of many people who read our blog, we created an instructional video about what to draw on how to draw the Great Wall of China. It’s a magnificent structure that was built in past China as a wall of separation that spans nearly 9,000 kilometers.

Step 1
Start with geometric structures. Draw a rectangle-shaped tower, and then an angular upper edge of the wall.

Step 2
Draw an arcing bottom edge on the wall. Create a thicker upper edge as in our illustration.

Step 3
On the lower part of the wall, draw the outline of the trees and rocks. Eliminate lines that are not needed and draw the lines that are necessary transparent and dark.

Step 4
Then draw the battlements and windows like in the illustration. The outline that we draw is complete and we begin to hatch.

Step 5
Make the bricks’ outlines with the aid of lines. Then, you can add shadows by hatching. Shadows are applied in the same way as the wall was illuminated by an intense light.

If you observed our steps precisely, then you have got to know ways to create the Great Wall of China. When you are done with the course, we’ll offer a couple of helpful suggestions. To make your drawing look realistic and attractive it is necessary to be capable of drawing straight lines. Also, you must ensure that parallel lines don’t get separated from one another. Additionally, when drawing, it’s important to take into consideration the perspective so that your drawing doesn’t appear flat.

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