How To Draw The Great Wall Of China Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin by drawing two 3-dimensional squares to form the gates. Then draw a huge shape in front , and smaller shapes on the back, so that it appears as if there’s a gap in the middle. Then , draw the guide lines to the walls.

Step 2
Then draw the gate as well as the wall to it. Be sure to draw the gate’s roof as well as the right portion of the wall in the similar way that you design the castle.

Step 3
Draw the gate at the far end and the walls that are attached to it. Do exactly the same thing as in step 2, however not going into too much detail about the far stuff.

Step 4
Put the bricks on the walls and the floor. It is not necessary the bricks in every square as we don’t want complicate it. Simply draw some squares and you’ll get the appearance of brick walls.

Step 5
Do the same for the gate and the wall to the rear because it’s too far away, you’ll be able to draw less details on the walls. In the end, you’ll include mountains and rocks surrounding the area and also draw bonsai trees. You can even draw clouds if you’d like.

Step 6
We have done it again! It’s almost impossible to breathe isn’t it? Add color to it and you’ve got a fantastic sketch that depicts China’s Great Wall of China.

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