Welcome, artists! to the drawing tutorial about drawing Flash’s logo. Flash emblem.
Step 1
Therefore, you must first draw circles. It’s best when you learn to draw circles that are smooth without using a Compass.
Step 2
Within the circle drawn in the previous step, draw another circle like it was shown in our illustration.
Step 3
Then, using straight lines, draw a diagram like shown in the following example.
Step 4
By using the same straight lines, draw lightning bolts.
Step 5
Eliminate any lines that are not needed and obtain your logo for Flash. (By this way using this tutorial, you can sketch an image of the Harry Potter scar)

It was a drawing class on drawing The Flash Logo. If you’d like to know how to draw comic characters (heroes as well as villains) then make sure you go to”comics” on our website “comics” category on our website. There you’ll discover a variety of fascinating.


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