How to Draw the Eiffel Tower For Kids

How to Draw the Eiffel Tower For Kids

Step 1:

Ready? Let’s go. Let’s make the tower guidelines like this.

Step 2:

Start at the top and draw the cap and the rest of your building’s upper form.

Step 3:

The corner section of the tower will be finished by adding lines as shown here.

Step 4:

Draw the rest of your structure until you have an Eiffel Tower.

Step 5:

Make the tower’s opening through the lower tier as shown and then add details to the top tier.

Step 6:

To create a scale comparison, you can draw the shapes or blocks around it. Before calling it done, erase any mistakes.

Step 7:

Here it is, the Eiffel Tower’s four-tiered building. I hope you found the lesson useful.

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