The USA has numerous emblems, but the most well-known of the most well-known can be The Statue of Liberty. The statue, which is located on freedom island situated in New York, is one of the most well-known statues around the globe. It is the Statue of Liberty is the representation not only of America but also of democracy and freedom. Today we’re going to show the viewers what you can draw of this Statue of Liberty.

Step 1
Despite the fact that it isn’t a real person, however, it is a statue we’ll follow the same rules of drawing a person. The first step is to trace the head as a shape of an oval. Next, draw a long line along the spine. Along this line, we sketch the pelvis and the chest. Then, sketch the legs and arms with simple lines. Remember that all these lines should be as light as possible.

Step 2
The second step of the drawing directions is devoted to the idea that we increase the volume of the drawing. And this lesson is not an exception. Sketch out the lines of intersecting lines across the front of your face. Then, draw outlines of the neck and torso which narrows at the waist. Utilizing simple lines, sketch out the legs and arms. We are using the basic methods of drawing the female body.

Step 3
Let’s now add the most fundamental elements to the drawing. First, outline the features of the face using the aid of intersecting lines drawn in earlier steps. Next, sketch your outline hair and crown. With the aid of long lines, sketch out the lines of the dress. One hand sketches out the torch. In another hand draw the tablet. Draw out the pedestal underneath the feet.

Step 4
Starting with this stage, we’ll begin drawing all the details. As per the custom, we’ll begin drawing an outline of the Statue of Liberty by looking up. With clear and dark lines, draw the contours of the crown, hair, and the details on the facial features. Be aware it is important that the facial details of the Statue of Liberty must appear like the contours of faces on antiquated Greek statues.

Step 5
We can now begin to draw the specifics of the clothes of the Statue of Liberty. By using long lines, you can carefully draw the top layer of clothing as illustrated in our illustration. Try to duplicate all the folds and lines so that your clothes appear realistic, such as the sketch depicted of the Statue of Liberty created by the artists from

Step 6
In this next step, it is time to draw clothing. You can observe, that in this step we draw the lower layer of clothes. It is important to note that there are more folds in this layer than in the previous layer. As a result, it is necessary to draw a visible foot for the Statue of Liberty drawing.

Step 7
Now let’s look at our arms, which are part of The Statue of Liberty. Utilizing dark and clear lines, carefully trace the arms, taking into consideration the curvature of each as illustrated in the illustration below. Also, take care to sketch out the base beneath the Statue as well as the torch and tablets in your hands. Make sure to erase all unneeded guidelines from the sketch.

Step 8
The design of the Statue of Liberty is close to being done, but to give it a finished appearance, we’ll need to create shadows. This can be done by using traditional hatching. As we have mentioned before the first step is to identify the source of light before placing shadows on the least illuminated parts in the sketch.

The drawing tutorial on drawing The Statue of Liberty has ended. The statue for many was a symbol of the pursuit of the American dream. We believe that the presence of is a sign of what is known as the American dream for all of us, writers and visitors to our website.

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