How to Draw the Earth

This tutorial will teach you how to draw the Earth. Although the tutorial is very easy, the final result will be a realistic drawing of Earth.

It is beautiful and there are so many incredible corners to it. There are hot deserts and glaciers, forests and mountains, and the majority of the planet is covered by water, oceans, rivers, and lakes. Our planet Earth’s nature is diverse. Flora and fauna are home to a large number of species.

Because this is our home, it is our responsibility to care for the environment. The Earth appears amazing from space. It has blue tints at such a distance. In our work, at just the end of the tutorial, we will use both blue and green. We will use blue to color the oceans of the world and highlight land areas with green.

Once you’re ready to go and have all your art tools, let’s get started with the lesson on drawing the Earth.


How to Draw the Earth

Step 1: Draw the contours of the Earth

First, draw a large circle to represent the Earth. This ball represents the outline of our planet. As shown in the example, try to create a perfectly round shape.




Step 2 – Draw an outline of the continent

The continent’s outline can be drawn using long and curved lines. This is North America in our example. You can also draw any other area of the Earth.




Step 3 – Draw the second continent

Draw another continent below. This is South America, as you can see. Don’t forget to include Greenland at the top. You can draw any continent you like, including Australia, Africa, Asia, and Asia.




Step 4 – Finish the final touches

Try to compare your Earth drawing with this example and find any mistakes that could be corrected. If you find them, but your Earth drawing is not perfect, then color it.




Step 5 – Color the Earth Drawing

Blue is the best color to paint the ocean. We chose to use green for the continents, as we are drawing America. Greenland, despite its name, should not be white.




Today, we will show you how to draw Earth. This is the area of our vast planet that contains North and South America. We are glad that all went well and that you were able to clearly draw the borders between the oceans of the globe and the continent.

You may have forgotten to leave Greenland, a northeastern North American island, white. Greenland, also known as the Land of Ice and Icebergs, is a beautiful place that attracts many tourists. It is fascinating to study the geography of the planet.

We will be glad to show you new drawings that relate to geography in the next drawing lesson. Let us know in the comments what you are interested in learning more about our planet. What would you like to draw and why?


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