How to Draw The Earth Step by Step -

How to Draw The Earth Step by Step

How to Draw The Earth Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Chowder Step by Step

Step 1

For this first tutorial on drawing the Earth beginning with a circle to represent sketching the contours of Earth.

If you could draw this outline to be the perfect circle, that will be the most effective! There are a variety of ways that to draw a perfect circle and the best method is to use something that resembles the drawing compass.

The tool is used in conjunction with your pencil or pen to quickly draw a perfect circle.

If you don’t own an compass, always use a flat circular object to trace around.

Once you’ve drawn out the outline, you’re now ready for the second step!

Step 2 – Draw the initial continent in your Earth drawing
After you’ve drawn sketched out the contours of your Earth drawing, you are able to begin sketching the different continents. Our first continent to draw with is North America on the left side of the Earth.

In this process I would suggest you use an eraser first before revising it once you’re satisfied with the result.

Also, you should take note of the reference image to figure out the contour of the continent in the way you would like.

Step 3: Draw the next continent.
We’ll continue adding additional continents over the following steps of this guide on drawing the Earth.

In this section it will be drawn on the right part of UK as well as Europe. Because of the angles of the Earth it is possible that we’ll be able see only a small portion of it.

Like the other tutorials in this series it is a good idea to attempt drawing using a pencil first in case this step isn’t easy!

Step 4: Next step is to draw Africa at this point.
It’s time to travel to the shores of Africa to complete this part of your drawing of the Earth! Because of how the Earth is positioned on the Earth in this image it will be able to view just a tiny part that is the entire continent.

This at least makes it an easier task to draw! After you’ve drawn some of Africa and are ready to draw the final continent to draw in this next stage.

Step 5: Now you are able to include the continent you left in Step 5.
This tutorial on earth drawing isn’t complet without South America, so add it today!

The continent is exactly lower than North America from step 2 and ought to be so close it appears like they’re in touch.

After that, all continents have been drawn and you’re ready to move on to the next step! Before you go on, you may also include some of the details you own and alter the composition of the picture to make it more personal.

One idea you could make is to draw a spatial background that is behind the Earth. Perhaps you could do it as well as have an extraterrestrial spacecraft hovering above Earth!

Another option would be drawing a map around the Earth to make it appear as if it was an older map.

What creative ideas can you think of to finish your drawing of Earth?

Step 6 – Finish your Earth sketch with a few colors
You’ve completed the last step in your Earth drawing, and now is the time for fun! creating your stunning drawing using gorgeous shades!

This is an area that allows you to be imaginative when you choose the colors you’d like.

We chose a cool green and blue colour scheme, but there are tons of different choices you can choose from as well!

One suggestion is to assign each continent a unique color scheme. You could even make the colors a theme to each continent!

Another option is to look through images of each continent, and try to colour them according to the way they appear in real life.

If you are aware of the colors you’d like to use It is also possible to play around with different art mediums! One idea that is fun is mixing the media when you color.

For instance, you could apply watercolors to ocean areas as well as pencils and crayons that are for continents. You could also apply an even layer of white paint over certain areas to show the coverage of clouds.

How can you make your Earth drawing to life by using the use of color?

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