How to Draw the Dude

How to Draw the Dude

Step one:

Are you ready for the Dude to be drawn? You are, and so am I. Begin with the head shape, then move on to the guidelines for the body and face.

Step  two:

Next, draw the outline of your face. This is the beard outline. The nose and mouth will be drawn.

Step three:

Next, give the Dude his signature sunglasses and then color them solid. Once that is done, draw the lining for the beard.

Step four:

The shaggy hairstyle can be drawn now, which can be long and a little wavy.

Step five:

You will now draw the sleeves of the robe that he wears every day, along with both his arms and both your hands. One of those hands makes the peace gesture.

Step six:

Finish the robe, then add his drink. You can add definition to the arms and clothes, and then you can erase any mistakes or visible guides.

Step seven:

That’s it. Now you can color the Dude to bring this legend to life.

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