Dear users of Today we bring you an updated drawing tutorial wherein we’ll teach you how to draw memes.

The very colorful smiley is a method for transmitting emotions such as anger, cunning, or an angry disagreement with something. Of course, it’s likely that no one is aware of this particular meme, however, we hope at least for one of our readers this article can be helpful. In this drawing tutorial, we’ll guide the viewer through the art of drawing this cunning meme.

Step 1
Begin by drawing a regular circle and then draw lines across the surface of the meme: the vertical center line and vertical eyeliner (it is higher than the conditional center) below it, within the region around the central area, and outline the mouth line.

Step 2
It’s a simple process. Utilizing the principles from the previous step sketch the contours of mouth and eyes. Make sure to draw only flowing, rounded lines.

Step 3
Then draw eyes, and teeth and erase the lines from earlier steps. The result will look similar to this:

Step 4
Perhaps the most difficult part of the instructional on drawing the clever meme is the wrinkles it creates. They are depicted in huge numbers. They are visible as wrinkles around the mouth and around the eyes mostly. Draw the wrinkles below the eyes. They look as if they are bags. There are wrinkles along the side of the eyes and a few lines just above the eyes.

Step 5
The last stage is to trace the lines of his chin and then draw a few wrinkles. Don’t forget to not forget to check out other lessons that deal with memes. Drawing tutorials on drawing Pete the Frog and I’m sure you’re feeling.

The lesson was easy to grasp and if you find something that did not go as planned It is most likely that there were issues in the beginning. Note the mistakes that make them disappear, and try drawing over them. However, it’s quite likely the lesson you learned was easy for you. In this instance, we recommend that you try drawing Spider-Man and Iron Man.


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