How To Draw The Corpse Bride Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw Cat In The Hat Step by Step

Start by drawing faces in the first step of our Corpse Bride tutorial.

The face of the actress is angular that is quite distinct, and appropriate for the standard cartoon look from Tim Burton.

Another characteristic she shares with other characters that are related to her is that she has large eyes that are round. This is what you begin with and then draw circles using tiny corners.

Make angles for her eyebrows as well as the line behind her eyes. There are large and smoky lips. after you’ve drawn them, you can add some angle curves to define the face.

Finalize by drawing her hair’s top and then add eyelashes.

Step 2: Draw some hair and flower crowns for the Bride Corpse Bride

In the second half of The Corpse Bride, you can begin making her hair, and then give her a crown of flowers on her head.

In the beginning, you can use curved lines to trace the top of the hairline that runs around her face Then, draw some lines in the contour.

You’ll then be able to draw a crown of flowers to her hair. You’ll be using subtile curves for drawing each flower that is placed on her head, to finish this part.

When you’re pleased with how it looks, it’s time to move on to step 3.

Step 3: Next Draw more hair, and begin to draw the veil

Then you can continue adding to her hair, as you draw over the top part of the veil before you begin the next part of our tutorial on drawing your Corpse Bride.

Create more curly lines on her head to illustrate her hair falling out. You can also add a curve on her shoulder to the right side.

Then, we’ll draw the veil that falls over her head. The line will be drawn using an extremely thick line which will be dotted with small marks and then dipped to look like it’s a bit ragged.

It’s all that must be done in this step, and we’ll proceed to step 4 in the tutorial.

Step 4. Now draw more curls

We’ll be adding additional curls and curls for your Corpse Bride design in the next stage in this guide.

It should be fairly simple for you to draw, since we’ll be drawing the curls similar like how you do the other hairstyles.

It’s like making thin wavy shapes to her neck, like in the example image.

After the hair has been drawn, there are only just a couple of final details to draw when we move onto the next step.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Corpse Bride Drawing

The fifth step in our instructional guide on drawing The Corpse Bride will help you complete the final aspects before coloring your work.

The primary elements we’ll draw during this phase will be the remainder of her chest and some curtains torn off on the right side.

After you’ve drawn the elements and completed the drawing, it’s time to go on to the next step! You are also able to go ahead and add any additional details you’d like to add to the picture.

One option can be drawing the backgrounds, and using this technique, you will be able to portray your favorite scene and the characters of your film.

You could make a drawing of the body, or perhaps alter elements such as her facial expressions. What else do you come up with to accomplish this?

Step 6: Complete your Corpse Bride drawing using colors

You’ve spent a lot of time to complete your Corpse Bride drawing, so now is the time to top the drawing by coloring it with fun! In our image of reference we’ve provided the colors we’ll use to portray how she appears in the movie.

This means that we used various shades of gray and blue to create her color. If you mix various hues of the exact color the result is a more vibrant image.

You could use the same colors in your own design, but you can also switch the colors and incorporate any of your own colors!

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