Hello! Today, we’ll draw a unique character. As you can see, we’re speaking of The Comedian in the TV show Watchmen.

Step 1
In this stage, we’ll draw the stickman. It’s a simple but extremely important step. Begin by drawing an oval to serve as a reference to the face. Next, using lines, sketch out the spine, hands, and legs.

Step 2
Concentrating on the lines of the earlier section’s stickman, we sketch out the leg, arms, and corpus. The first step is to draw the ovals of the arm, and then using cylinders, we draw the hands.

Then, draw the outline of the corpus. It shrinks slightly downwards. In addition, the legs are also composed of Cylinders. Don’t forget to draw the outline for the machine guns with one hand, and the bottles in the other.

Step 3
Let’s sketch the accessories and details found on the body. Here we draw the contours of hair and the cigar.

Step 4
In this section, we’ll sketch out the particulars of the lower portion of the trunk and the legs. In this way, the armor on the legs separates the knee, hip, and shin.

Step 5
This is a drawing tutorial in which we’ve shown our readers ways to draw The Comedian in Watchmen. We are now eagerly awaiting the next step of detail. Similar to the previous steps, we’ll move from head to foot.

Step 6
This isn’t particularly difficult, however, it is packed with details. We will draw the palms and details about machines.

Step 7
The most difficult part of the step is drawing a belt. Make sure to draw a bag that is placed on your side of the thigh.

Step 8
This is the conclusion of the drawing lessons of the Comedian. We will now draw extremely light shadows. Avoid the dark and the large areas that are in shadow.

It was an extremely hard job. A huge thank you to all who participated with us. Be sure to come back to our website from time to the time. Best of luck!


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