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How To Draw The Colosseum Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.


Step 1

Prior to anything else it is essential to locate an image that is a reference. The most unwise thing you could attempt is to create a clear and identifiable structure without having a reference. Even non-experts will recognize that you’re just talking. The first step is to put a checked line at the center on the webpage. This is mostly as a guideline. Then draw two lines upwards each side of the area. This was the base to the wall of the Colosseum. From the point of view of someone standing on the ground, looking up the walls’ outer edges aren’t exactly a flat plane. Instead, they lean towards the inside and are narrower upwards.

Step 2
The overall design that is the Colosseum is a cylinder. Look up your sources. What you’re looking to do is draw certain curves for each of the levels in the building. In a blueprint they would appear as straight horizontal lines. In reality they become curving. Imagine it as an untied rope around the paint bucket.

Step 3
Looking at the diagram, you will be able to place the curves in a line and then follow the prior guidelines. This is the basis for the various moldings, ledges and the foundations for the various levels of your building.

Step 4
Make sure you have references. The walls of some buildings were straight and solid however, others were damaged and sharp. Connect those curves using the correct lines. We also noted how thick the wall layer, which meant that the whole drawing has an accurate sense of shape.

Step 5
This is difficult. Make sure to check your sources before sketching. The thing we’re doing here is to draw guidelines for all domed openings , which are the most well-known characteristic that make up the Colosseum. The openings on every level are matched, and it isn’t possible to open them without restriction. Begin in the middle, with reticle lines that are near-perfect. When you begin to move towards the right and left your lines will begin to incline inwards. Always make sure to compare your line with lines, the central line and curve/title of your exterior walls.

Step 6
Here are some more technical drawings before we get to the arch that is at the top of the hole you’ve blocked. If you’re doing this using your PC, you have many methods you can employ to get these curves. I have used using the pen tool however I could also make use of this tool called the “shape tool. Be aware that you can add an ellipse to the shape tool and erase the bottom part to make an arch. If you’re drawing with your hands it is possible to use a pencil made of plastic or make sure you have an even hand. With a pen and ink I’ll draw more guides as well as draw curving lines without restriction. You can draw an inside view of your arch. This is the place where you truly gain a feeling of the depth of the structure’s layers. In the lower part of the arch it is best to make use of a single point angle. To make it easier all you need to do is be aware that all backward lines run towards the middle of the picture. If you’re looking at a picture like this, it is enough to accomplish the trick. It’s easy to flit around and put perspectives everywhere however, so long as you’re constantly making sure you’re checking your reference and keep your central point in mind you’ll be good to go. But for more intricate camera angles, knowing the correct viewpoint is absolutely essential.

Step 7
There’s no red line in this case. Why is that? This is because you don’t draw anything. You erase! The drawing is now cluttered with various guidelines and has a general unnatural, blocky look to it. The first thing you need to do is enter and take care to remove all of your lines of build. You will have (hopefully) ideal archways and then you can put it to rest at this stage. However, we’re still not done. The Colosseum is damaged and worn out, and you must show it through your drawing. Here’s the place where the difference in techniques is evident, regardless of regardless of whether you’re using pen and paper. If you’re drawing with a traditional pen it is best to draw your lines with a slightly more rough technique. But, if you’re using computers, you’ll most likely end up with a clear, clean image. It is best to enter and begin cutting your artboard with an eraser. As you begin to cut away the edges that are smooth on your lines, your building begins to acquire a new dimension. It’s no longer just an outline – it’s now a piece of art.

Step 8
Detailing is my favorite element of drawing, however, obviously, you cannot complete it without completing the drawing. If you’ve executed your work right, you’ll get a nice reward. It’s like a desert. You’ll still need to review your sources however, you can also turn your mind off for a few minutes as you lose yourself in all the small details and textures that transform your drawing.

Step 9
This step is not required it depends on whether you’d like to colorize your drawing. If you decide to keep the drawing in black and white image, it is recommended to take the time to block out the shadows in all areas in your drawing. Check all the previous drawings and then add more details and textures if needed. If there are regions that appear like flat figures (but should not) take a look at the overall perspective of the forms and provide pertinent specifics.

Step 10
Color image. There are many ways to color a line drawing. I kept it loose using Brush tool, and ended up pleased with the results. You can trust the drawing as is however, you could add some color and actually paint with brush tool Brush tool to make shapes clearer or to add texture to portions that are drawn. Make sure you don’t leave big blocks of color since this will make your drawing appear distorted. That’s it! You are done! Congratulations!

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