Today, we revisit the subject of comics and draw one of the most famous characters from Marvel’s Marvel Universe. You can guess that it is the first foe that is the antagonist to WolverineWe will learn to draw the Incredible Hulk. This lesson is conducted in the style of a comic as opposed to another drawing tutorial on the Hulk. This drawing lesson will be about a number of muscles, however, Hulk is a tough guy.

It’s Dr. Bruce Banner who is smart and courteous, however, his alter-ego The Incredible Hulk, is reckless and aggressive, whom it’s very difficult to contest. It is, however, very simple to draw him when you follow the steps the artists created for you. This is why we are starting with a tutorial on drawing Hulk the Incredible Hulk!

Step 1
Then we sketch out the figure of the stickman. We suggest that you study how to draw the male figure during the course on drawing the male figure. It is important to remember, that first, we draw the head in the shape of an oval. Then we draw and trace the contours of our bodies.

Take note of the distinct characteristics of The Hulk and the average man. First, the Hulk’s head is a bit bigger than that of an ordinary man. The body, in turn, is typically more slender and bulky.

Step 2
This process may appear complex, but it’s not. This is where we mark his head. Hulk traces the line of the nose, eyes, and mouth, and draws an arc of vertical facial symmetry. Then, we sketch out all the bodily lines, which dramatically reduces the waistline. Then, we draw huge deltoids that make up the largest part of the head.

Below are the deltoids from which and the rest of the arms. These are the triceps and biceps, they’re extremely constricted and have sharp contours. The forearms look like big rectangles that taper slightly towards the hands. With hands clenched in fists, they appear like hexagons. The same principle can be used to sketch out the legs and pelvis that taper at the region of the knees and the shins.

Step 3
Let’s begin drawing an image of the green guy’s face. Its nose needs to be flat and short, and its eyebrows are furrowed and curved. The eyes’ ovals are narrow and low-set.

In this step, we draw large cheekbones, lips, and chins that are flat in the entire lower portion of the face as well as the ears. Of course, you’ll need to utilize the markups in the previous step to draw facial characteristics.

Step 4
Draw hair, and then finish drawing the face. The rule for drawing hair that we often discuss is that it is best to draw it in a direction that runs from the roots up to the ends. The face is then completed by adding pupils to the eyes wrinkles around the face, as well as teeth inside the mouth.

In case the Hulk appears too complex for you, but you would like to draw someone that is who is green and horrible and apathetic, then we suggest that you read the tutorial devoted to drawing Goblins.

Step 5
This is the time to draw the outline that makes up the figure of the Incredible Hulk. Eliminating the guidelines and unneeded lines that run along the top of our body. Drawing the muscles of the Hulk from top to the bottom. Begin by drawing the large trapezius muscles, which link the neck as well as the deltoids. Then draw the pectoral muscles in a huge way beneath the pectoral muscles. draw your abdominal muscles’ contours.

Move on towards the arms. Complete the look of the deltoids. Draw out the contours of the forearms, biceps, and triceps. After this step, mark your contours on the fingers.

Step 6
In this stage, using the same method, we trace the contours of the lower part of the body. By removing lines that are not needed, we can begin with the pelvis. After drawing the pelvis, draw the thighs, which gently taper at the knee and then expand to the area that the muscles of the calves then again narrowing the shin region.

When you have completed this step, mark the outline of your toes. The major lines of muscle are in place, so starting with the next step, we will finish adding the specifics.

Step 7
Then, you should erase all extra lines, and then clear the high point of the Hulk’s body. Mark the lines of muscle that are located in the upper parts of the Hulk. Include lines of muscles in the pectoral area and deltoid muscle as well as arms. Next, draw massive abdominal squats. Along the sides of the abdominals draw the obliques.

Draw the lines and fingers of the fists Incredible Hulk. After this step, draw the torn upper portion of the pants, and make some folds.

Step 8
We’ve finished making the details for the upper body part of the Hulk. In this next step, we’ll include details on the lower part of the Hulk following the same method as the earlier step. Remove any extra lines. Draw a few lines of leg muscles beneath the pants and lines of the muscles in the calf.

Fabric folds are placed on the pants and a hole has been torn at the knee of his character. Draw the lower edge that is torn from the trousers of the Incredible Hulk. In the final step, draw your ankle’s bone. Then draw the details of the toes.

Step 9
The final step will also add shadows. It’s the same well-known traditional comics drawing style, which means we’ll create very dark and contrasting shadows. Shadows like this should be applied in two phases – in the beginning, we sketch the contours of shadows and then paint over the shadows. In order to create semitones employ dense hatching.

After this drawing lesson, we’ll be painting the hairstyle of The Incredible Hulk. Paint the hair towards the direction of growth and leave the area free of glare.

It was a difficult drawing lesson, during which we taught the art of drawing an Incredible Hulk. Don’t ignore that we’ve got a website on social networks such as Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest as well as others. Make sure to join these social networks because the more you join, the more exciting and fresh drawing lessons you can take.

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