One of our most loved graphic novel series is the X-Men as well for our readers, we have already written a variety of information about the characters in this comic. This time we’re going to expand the theme by teaching drawing The Blob.

Step 1
The first step is to have to sketch out the outline of the skeleton and the Blob. As you can see, it’s extremely wide. Therefore, we draw a round head, and the spine’s line and draw a broad chest and a broad pelvis. Draw out legs and arms as illustrated in the illustration below.

Step 2
In this section, we’ll outline the entire volume, which is a great deal of it. The first step is to sketch out the torso, which is very large. It isn’t essential to sketch a neck since it’s not obvious. We then outline the huge legs and arms from the Blob. Don’t forget to draw out the lines that intersect across the front.

Step 3
Let’s draw our most basic outline with light lines. We begin by drawing the facial features and hair. Then, we draw the neckline and the costume lines.

Step 4
In this phase, you will be tracing the outline of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, draw dark eyebrows and wrinkles. The final step is drawing the hairline and outline on the neck.

Step 5
The next step is to draw the torso, which must be drawn using clear as well as dark lines. The first step is to draw the broad shoulders. Then, we draw the outline of the wide torso, with massive pectoral muscles and a large belly. Then draw the folds in the fabric as well as those lines that the dress has over the body.

Step 6
We will now continue with the trapezoid lines which go through the deltoids. Then trace an outline for the fingers and arms. Don’t forget to remove all guidelines that are not necessary for the arms that form the Blob and trace those lines that are drawn by braces.

Step 7
The lines now appear on the legs, which should be made dark and in contrast. As you can observe those legs on the Blob must also be large. In the same way, we draw skin folds on the knees as well as the lines of the shoes.

Step 8
In any case, the first thing we have to find is the source of light, and then apply the paint to the opposite sides of the areas of the body of the Blob.

We hope this drawing class will aid you in improving your artistic abilities. Do as much practice as you can to master drawing as a professional Comic book illustrator.

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