Our planet Earth has a myriad of different myths, many of which are about terrifying or wild beasts.  Today, we’ll add to this section with a drawing tutorial on drawing The Black Shuck dog.

Step 1
The only difference in appearance from the typical dog is the fact that it is a black dog. Black Shuck has only one eye located in the center of the face. Thus, we have to sketch out the skeleton just as would we draw a normal dog.

Step 2
This is also not a differ from drawing lessons that you would get from a normal dog. In this stage, we’ll need to increase the volume of the body parts by using geometric shapes that are simple.

Step 3
This is where we can see the differences between ordinary dogs. With the aid of black and clear lines, we’ll be able to identify the single eye and the shape of the dog’s head.

Step 4
Let’s now look at what’s inside our horrible dog. By using a short lines, sketch our dog’s fur. Then draw the paws. Then move on to step four of the drawing lesson about drawing the Black Shuck.

Step 5
The image of our sly dog is nearly completed. Now it is time to draw the hind legs with black and clear lines. Be sure to eliminate any unnecessary guidelines we sketched in the initial steps.

Step 6
What are the most common things we use to help make our flat sketch more realistic and full of life? Of course, we add shadows! Draw shadows by using dense hatching, as illustrated in our illustration. You can also draw shadows in the same way as those used in comic drawing lessons using the black color and contrast areas of shadows.


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