All believers, greetings! 3dvkarts is your home! We love comics. That’s why 3dvkarts has a lot of lessons on drawing comics. Today we’ll draw Spider-Man, one of the most well-known comic book characters. We will do this in very unique costumes. It’s as if the B-Tard from the lesson donned a suit made of four fantastic things and jumped in the window. Let’s begin the lesson on How to Draw the Amazing Bag-Man.

Step 1
We first draw the skeleton for our neighborhood. Draw him in the standard pose. You can see a similar pose in the how you draw Spider-Man lesson. The head should be drawn in an egg shape. Next, draw the spine, pelvis, and chest. Finally, sketch the arms and legs.

Step 2
The most easily recognizable part of the lesson is the bag. Next, add volume to the body. Follow the same steps as the other lessons in the drawing: first, draw your torso and then draw your limbs with simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
Draw the openings of the bag on paper and the eyes so that you can see through them. Draw the outline of the bag. As in the example, add folds and lines.

Step 4
Let’s start with the upper body of our Bag-Man. The lesson is actually much simpler than you might think, despite the many folds and lines. Remember to remove all unnecessary guidelines, just like we did.

Step 5
We do the same thing as with the upper body. Have you ever noticed that comics’ old-school creators loved folding?

Step 6
All black details such as the collar and belt will be painted at the end. You can also make the outline darker and thicker. Don’t forget the Fantastic Four sign.

What is the strangest costume worn by a superhero? You can share your thoughts in the comments.

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