how to draw thanos

This guide will show you how to draw Thanos. This character might seem complicated. We offer several steps to help you achieve a great result.

Step 1

First, we draw the contours of our character. For this, we use large, rounded, asymmetrical figures with a smooth line. This is important because it affects the shapes of the figures as well as the distance between them. It will be the head and chest of the sinister Titan in the future.




Step 2

Let’s look at the limbs. It looks like a series of long sticks interspersed with small circles. Except for the left arm which bends at an angle at the elbow joint, all limbs are straight except the left. Be sure to calculate the correct size of the sticks. Don’t forget to compare the proportions between the limbs and the body. This markup does not include feet or hands.




Step 3

Let’s begin to create the silhouette of our all-mighty, strong man. We will now connect the traditional joints between the head and chest, as well as the chest and pelvis. Be aware of the unique contours of your neck. The correct contour starts almost at the back of your head. This will create a strong, athletic figure.




Step 4

Let’s make this a true villain. Large arms should be made up of large, massive cylinders or large circles. The circumference around the fist is roughly equal to that of the upper shoulder.




Step 5

Similar to the previous step, we will draw the contours for the legs. These are large, irregular contours that have noticeable bends. As a guide, use the lines drawn in the second step. The details can be worked on once that is done.




Step 6

We will now add details to complete the drawing. This will be done starting at the head, as usual. In this step, we will draw the eyes together and create an arch-shaped mouth. The mouth should not be too close to the nose and must be very far away from the chin.




Step 7

This is the final step in the formation of the oval for the face. Take into account the prominent chin and the superciliary arches that hang over the face. The contour of the ear is shown in this illustration. The eyebrows are at the upper and lower edges of the ears.




Step 8

This step will give our Thanos a little relief. Draw eyebrows, cheekbones, and nasolabial lines. It is important to draw vertical folds on Titan’s powerful chin.




Step 9

This step will be about the case of the sinister Titan. A noticeable bend at your waist. Your shoulders and legs should appear strong and large. Next, add the contours of your belt.




Step 10

Add the hand’s external contours. The forearms should taper towards the fist. The shoulder bulges in the biceps and triceps are the outer surfaces. Make sure to draw the Gloves Of Infinity.




Step 11

The same patterns can be used to draw the large fists and small hands of a supervillain as well as the tiny hands of a young lady. This lesson on drawing hands was a good example of this.




Step 12

We will continue our guide on drawing Thanos. The massive, huge contours of the legs of this formidable supervillain should be added. The powerful, long legs will be highlighted by a sharp bend at the lower leg.




Step 13

Now, let’s talk about shoes. Shoes, like all elements, should be as large and rough as possible. The sole should be shown in the form of the hem, and some folds at the boot’s toes.




Step 14

Is your Thanos formidable enough? You did a fantastic job if he is impressive. Correct any mistakes or inaccuracies by following this step. To see inaccuracies and errors better, you can also bring your sketch to a mirror.




Step 15

You can create Thanos’ classic look by using the color scheme in our drawing. You can store the dark colors that will be used to create shadows in advance.




It was a guide on how to draw Thanos. We hope you found this useful. Don’t forget to leave comments about how you completed this task.


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