How to Draw Tempest Shadow from My Little Pony

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


We’ll begin by sketching the paths and shapes that will make Tempest’s body frame.

Step 2

Following the steps you created in the first step and begin drawing out the structure and shape of Tempest’s head, snout and ears. You should also draw the horn in and, since you can see the broken horn, it must be a bit jagged.

Step 3

Then create an almond-shaped eye and her pointed hair. The mane should be full. Include the lashes, and the upper lash should be more thick than the rest of the eye liner.

Step 4

We will now draw the contour of the neck. We will then use the neck being the collar.

Step 5

Then, you can sketch shoulder shapes, and then sketch the outline of the leg, along with the lines of the leg.

Step 6

Manage the middle portion as well as the back portion. Include details to make an outfit or uniform.

Step 7

To complete the remaining part parts of the Tempest Shadow body, all you need to draw is those hind legs.

Step 8

You can now draw a full curved tail and make slashes along the hips or the thighs like you would to make a beautiful mark.

Step 9

Then then, draw the “horse shoes” “…lol. After you’re done erase your mistakes and the instructions.

Step 10

It’s over people. You are done. You are now able to color Tempest Shadow from the new MLP film.

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