How to Draw Tears

There are many ways we can express the emotions we feel. When we are happy, we smile or laugh. When we are sad, we cry.

These emotions are difficult to capture with a drawing. It can also be difficult to learn how you can draw tears.

Although it can be hard to master, it is possible if you know the right steps! You are fortunate to have a guide to help you do that.

How to Draw Tears Step-By-Step

1st Step:

You might want to begin this guide by drawing tears with a pencil.

2nd Step:

In this step, you can begin to draw with your pen! Draw some curves that run down from the bottom of your eye to show the tears coming out.

3rd Step:

This step in our guide to drawing tears is simple but effective.

4th Step:

In the next step, we will continue adding to our tears. This shape will be slightly longer than the circular one you created in the previous step.

5th Step:

This part of the guide will show you how to draw a tear. It will look similar to a normal tear shape.

6th Step:

We will add final details before we proceed to the coloring phase of your drawing.

7th Step:

You are done with your tears drawing. All you need is some color! There are many ways you can do it.

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