How To Draw Taurus Sign

How To Draw Taurus Sign

Step 1:

There is only need to complete two steps, draw a big open C shape, then draw the circle that is below it. The C shape must be drawn on its back.

Step 2:

The bull’s horns using the C you created in the first step.

Step 3:

This is where you’ll begin drawing the outline of the Bull’s face . And as you draw, make sure to join the head or face to the horns.

Step 4:

The next step is to create our Taurus bull face with some tribal designs that we will draw in the interior. This will give a great idea.

Step 5:

Continue drawing your face. Bull. The middle part of the design will eventually be the mid-point of the bull’s head. It are the crinkles on nasal bridges and the nose.

Step 6:

For the final touch to this Taurus bull, just sketch out the shape of the eyes. Then, draw the brow bones above the eyes, like you can see. Remove the mistakes and the guides that were created during the process.

Step 7:

Here’s the drawing. The last step in determining what your drawing will look like. Because Taurus can be described as an Earth element, make use of hues of brown to create color in your drawing.

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