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How To Draw Tarzan Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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It’s a lengthy initial step. Start by drawing the form of the head in an elongated circle. Then, apply guide lines to the face. Next, draw a circle for his chest , and then add arm and shoulder guides like the ones shown here. You will then put lining on the waist, and then the foot and leg shapes. This step will curl two lines to my hair.

Step 2

Then, you’ll put the fingers to his hands and then create the pectoral lining muscles. Include the small form of the eyes, and then the eyebrows’ shape and the jaw’s narrow shape. Draw additional lines for his hair . Then, draw a lines for the vine he’s hanging on. Check out his leg’s details by adding muscle definition, then move through the steps.

Step 3

Then, you can begin this exercise by adding a definition to the chest area, such as the collarbone, and then the neck. Draw some nipples , then your abs. Draw more fingers, and then draw the left foot and leg. You will complete this step by adding toe lines on the right foot, and then drawing the shin.

Step 4

Now you are at the fourth stage and start this process by trimming the hair which is supposed to appear like a shaggy haircut. You can then give him eyes and pupils. Then, you’ll give him narrow, pointed noses and nostrils that flare, then an icy splash to the mouth. It is then time to thicken his vine and add feet and legs.

Step 5

In this last drawing step you will sketch out the vine, and then add the hair. Draw the eyes in a defined way and then add the loincloth. You can begin erasing all the rules and shapes you created in the first step.

Step 6

This is how the final Tarzan can look like once you’re finished. All you need to do is draw him in color. I hope you enjoy this step-by-step drawing Tarzan tutorial. I’ll be back soon with more tutorials to keep you entertained with clowns!

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