Dear lovers of fine arts, it’s time to say hello! Today, we’ll be learning how to draw a tank. Although this drawing lesson is simple, it requires a good understanding of proportions. We took, for example, one of the most iconic Soviet tanks of the Second World War. As you can see, we’ll show you how you can draw the tank T-34.

Step 1
We begin drawing with the barrel and the tower. We often start with stickmen but in this instance, we aren’t talking about a person. Instead, we prefer to draw the tank from top to bottom, one piece at a time. We’ll begin with the top tank. Nothing fancy. Just copy our example and continue. Draw the tower in an oval shape, then draw the barrel using two parallel lines.

Step 2
We draw the tank chassis and tank body – the tracks. These and all previous steps must be done with very light strokes so that it is easier to erase any guiding lines.

Step 3
Now it’s time for some details and volume. We draw a few lines along the sides that are parallel to the barrel. Then we add a hatch and some lines at the top. Gradually, you will remove all unnecessary guidelines.

Step 4
Remove any extra guidelines from the tank’s tower. Draw the barrel of our tank T-34 and add some details such as the handle at the tower and the hole near the barrel.

Step 5
The contours of the armor (wings) that cover the chassis are drawn. All lines in this step must be straight. The tracks’ front side can be seen as small rectangles – parallelograms – which are created by slight bends of the wings.

Step 6
You can draw more rounded parts to the front tank. To be precise, a machine gun is on the left, and a headlamp is on the right. The rectangular bar and square hatch at the front are also indicated.

Step 7
Here are the road wheels. The outside wheels should be smaller than the rest. All strokes that were drawn earlier should be circled in the same step. We also erase any markup left from previous steps so that the tank drawing looks complete.

Step 8
Now we are moving on to the final step in our drawing tutorial how do you draw a T-34 tank? Draw the tracks and the texture.

Step 9
The final stage is to add shadows onto our tank t34. The shadows are very simple. A lot of them look like black contrasting areas. These shadows are applied using the usual hatching method.

I this lesson on drawing tank T-34 is hoped you enjoyed it. To learn more about drawing and art in general, visit frequently. Make sure to sign up for us on social networks, and to share our tutorials with your friends.

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